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สะเต็มศึกษา : กระดาษการ์ดแปลงร่าง

มีกระดาษการ์ดอยู่จะสร้างให้ดู –แล้วจะรู้ว่าได้รูปอะไร!!!

building square









วิธีทำ โดย http://inthechildrensroom.blogspot.com/2013/04/25-days-of-art-building-squares.html

Lay the squares out and let the kids build!
1) Build the tallest structure possible using 15 squares.
2) Build the longest structure possible using 15 squares
3) Work together to build a structure with all the pieces
4) Build a structure that looks like a tree
5) Build one that looks like an animal
6) Build a structure where every square connects to at least two other squares.
Optional: Once someone has built a structure that they’re really happy with, let them paint it and take it home. Paint can transform the structure into a sculpture!

building square1 building square1-3

building square1-1

building square1-2

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